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Only milk from the Trentino mountains, Asiago plateau and Veneto grazeland. It is milked and collected at a max distance of 90km (less than 56 miles) from our dairy in Grigno. A short-range supply chain to protect both the quality of our products and the territory. This is the raw material of our cheeses, enhanced by long established artisanal production methods and combined with technologies which highlight milk characteristics, actively contributing to make good, healthy but above all unique cheeses.


Animal welfare

Every day we collect milk from territories covered in woods, grazeland and alpine meadows. This is the natural and healthy environment where cows live and grow. Here they can eat fresh herbs, rich in fragrance and flavor. We work in synergy with farmers to protect animal welfare. And the milk gets better, enriched by all the peculiarities of the pastures of our valleys.



A high-quality milk is essential in order to produce cheese that preserves mountains fragrance and flavors. This is what our 150 farmers from the Trentino mountains, Asiago plateau and Veneto grazeland guarantee each day. Over the years we have created relationships grounded in trust and shared values. Because you cannot make good cheese without happy stories. Stories to be discovered hereafter.


Storie felici.

  • Montitrentini-Passerini-storia-felice

    Azienda Agricola Fratelli Passerini

    Brentonico, TN

    New generations, traditional values

    The Fratelli Passerini farm is located at about 900 meters above sea level, in a small mountain plain above the village of Brentonico, in Trentino. Founded by grandfather Bruno, enlarged and modernized by father Paolo, today the farm is managed by his sons Federico and Leonardo, together with their mother Luisa. Young strength with rooted values. The well-being and nutrition of the cows are the secret to good mountain milk. Hence, the brothers’ commitment to self-sufficiency, both for hay and silage. They know how to respect tradition and territory to safeguard the mountain. Their collaboration with Monti Trentini lasts from 1998. A happy story of mutual trust and respect that continues with the new generation.
    Gianfranco Finco and Fiorenzo (CEO of Monti Trentini) saw Federico e Leonardo grow up and learn all the secrets of the farm from their father. Long days that begin early. Busy days, with lots to do. Happy days with the knowledge of having done an excellent job.

  • Montitrentini-anderle-storia-felice

    Azienda Agricola Anderle Giorgio

    Pergine Valsugana, TN

    An example of collaboration and friendship

    How many cows can graze in the shadow of a marvelous medieval castle? Not many but the privileged ones near the Pergine Castle in the farm of Giorgio Anderle, his wife Sandra and his daughter Anna. It was April 1st, 1982 when the Anderle farm began to supply milk to the Caseificio Finco in Enego. They had just a dozen of cows but a heart full of enthusiasm and clear goals. It’s no coincidence that they are the number 1 company for seniority, held as a prime example of long-lasting collaboration. “First of all, we are friends” says Giorgio “We are families united by a common goal: respect for our territory and traditions.” Traditions and know-how are now handed down to the young Anna, who carries on this happy 40 year-long story with passion and competence,

  • Montitrentini-orna-storia-felice

    Azienda Agricola Orna


    Farm, educational center, happy home

    It’s a farm surrounded by meadows of lavender, medicinal plants, wheat, barley and alfalfa. It is also a place where children can learn everything about milk and what are the properties of medicinal herbs. It’s a happy place, where cows produce good milk. And it’s the place that Pierluigi, his wife Valentina and their two daughters call home. Not only a farm but also an educational small center located near Vicenza. Pierluigi takes care of the herd paying close attention to their nutrition and avoiding unnecessary intervention in the cows’ lives. Valentina is passionate and manages the educational aspect of the farm with enthusiasm. Their business was handed down from father to son, just like Monti Trentini, and like Monti Trentini they highly care about sustainability. Happy stories deserve to last long.

  • Montitrentini-pogetta-storia-felice

    Azienda Agricola Bariola & Pogetta

    San Vito di Leguzzano, VI

    People and families first

    This first chapter of this story starts with a woman, Adelaide, and today it continues with a well-rounded team: Giulia, Matteo B., Franco and Lucia. “What fascinates me the most is the opportunity to work in an always-stimulating environment building unique relationships with animals” says Giulia, who thanks to Matteo’s experience and tenacity is building the future of the farm located in San Vito di Leguzzano. The collaboration with Monti Trentini is recent, but already filled with satisfaction. But what’s the mantra of the Bariola & Pogetta farm? People and families first. And with such strong values it becomes easy to continue this happy story together.

  • Montitrentini-lenzi-storia-felice

    Azienda Agricola Lenzi Giacomo & Figli

    Samone, TN

    Respect of territory and animal welfare

    Growing isn’t just about getting older. Giacomo, Cristian and Luca know it well. They together manage the Lenzi farm. The first brick was laid down by their grandfather. Further generations have brought growth and innovation. Today, the cows are managed by Cristian, who pays great attention to the values and lessons learned from his father. Their territory in Samone includes woods and steep pastures that don’t get along well with big farms. Animal welfare is achieved only if animals, their needs and balance are respected. Their good mountain milk is collected everyday by Monti Trentini since before Cristian was born. A happy choice that moves through generations and looks to the future with confidence.

  • Montitrentini-wolf-storia-felice

    Società Agricola Semplice Wolf

    Castelnuovo, TN

    Sustainable quality

    Craft and passion are handed down from father to son. Gianni begins his farm work back in the 80s in Castelnuovo, in Trentino. Francesco starts working in 2010 and together they begin renovating and enlarging the whole farm. Work has changed a lot through the years, but this family keeps its values tight: the love for animals, the care for their well-being, the desire to improve and the satisfaction that comes from the awareness of having done a great job. The relationship with Monti Trentini is strong and based on daily and direct confrontation. It’s a collaboration build on reciprocity and trust with the happiness of sharing a great common goal: sustainable quality.

High level of happiness.

Nuvole Nuvole Montagne Mucca

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